African union reaction to EU Migration Policy

African Union(AU) is a coalition  of 55 African countries headed by  Egypt. These nations rejects the European union “regional disembarkatiln platform” – the plan to process the asylum request of African migrants found in European waterways in African soil.

Who is right, EU or AU?

Human Trafficking and Smuggling

Human Trafficking has taken innovative dimensions in the 21st century. Migrants smuggling and trafficking is carried  out by a network of human smuggle mafia(HSM). The unsuspecting/ naive migrants seeking for better life in Europe are often subjected to paying huge fees to corrupt  Libyan coast authorities who  promise a successful pass through the international water territories into Europe. These migrants come into traumatic shocks due to the unconventional and dehumanizing means of journey. At the end, they land European shores through  the help of EU patrol water guards. They treat them ethically as humans and legally as criminals, passing them around from one European nation to the other while processing their case.

Who is to blame for the flood of migrants into Europe?

Please send your views.



The European Refugee Politics

Europe ist building visible and invisible borders to Stop the flood of immigrants and refugee seekers fleeing the crisis  of war and poverty in their home countries. The boom of asylum  seekers in 2015 into rich European countries.

Screenshot_20190219-030404_GoogleCountries like Germany  and  France  are developing tighter immigration  measures  to  Immigration  policies.

Research into the treatment of lung cancer has achieved a possible breakthrough – after a new study showed survival times were nearly doubled for some patients – by combining the use of immunotherapy drugs with chemotherapy. #The cost for each patient is huge: 120,000 Euros. Naturally, the poor cannot afford this treatment. What do you think?

Cancer in Sub-saharan Africa(SSA)

Cancer is a major health problem after HIV in SSA.  More females than males bear the burn of cancer in SSA. Health statistics reveal that 50% rate of breast  and cervical cancer is borne by women while  men carry the burden 27.9% of prostrate cancer.



Possible Breakthrough on Lung Cancer Treatment, Euronews


  • Weekends or sunny afternoons in FREIBURG  City is such a beautiful time to walk through the City centre. The City centrefreiburg-25 Berthodsbrunnen is most active at this time of the day. The steet is line up with different Shops whose main interest is to get the tourists and visitors give out their vacation savings which are actually accumulated for that pursose. Walking through the Kaiser Josephstraße , a very Long street that I as a first TIMER to the city, I once found endless, This is a very important street in the City. If you start your walk from Holzmarkt, you head straight to the City gate that houses a Tower with clock at the top, historic Tower but I will not bother you with the details,  by the left side to the gate is MacDonalds and Mccafe Snacks eatery and further in the street by the right is the Disco Arger, the street is doted with Shops, Salamanda, Last Minute, Vodafone, O2. The left side to the Tower is lined with Shops too, you find here, Martinstur-international eatery place, you have the Stadt Cafe, Deichman DM and others. Further down to  Siegesdenkmal you can stroll but if you decide to walk through the street on your left turning, you find yourself at the Kartoffelmarkt but unfortunately, you do not fine patatoes being sold their insteal you find mega Shops like Saturn, Aldi Supermarket, Fashion Point, and others. The right turning takes you to Münster marktpläztfreiburg-muenster04the Münster is the biggest Catholic Cathedral  in Freiburg. At the market, you can buy fresh fruits and Foods direct from Farmers and Producers. This place is a must  for every first time visitor and most tourists, the combination of aethetics (the Cathedral)and culinary(fruits and freiburger Würst mit brotchen) hum! Lecker!makes it a Special attraction.  If you walk through the markt, directly opposite the münster is the Stadt library and further walk will bring you to Stadt Garten from which you can walk or take an Elevator to Schlossberg, at the top of Schlossberg, you have a panoramic view of the  city Freiburg. The panoramic view is so enthralling that most Freiburger celebrate the dawning of year at the top of this hill. It is a beautiful Sight seeing spot for viewing fireworks. At the foot of the hill you can relax in a restuarant Grieffnergring; eat or drink a cool Radler or Pils. If you decide to walk through the centre of BerthodsBrünnen you come down to the Stadt Theatre; (the centre of arts) here you have the domineering magnificicent contemporary eco-friendly Univerisity of Freiburg library to our left. On the right side you have C and A a fashion textile industry. And Close to the library,featured_imageis the theatre, and opposite  the University are Offices cum classrooms KG1 to 4. I love Unifreiburg Logo, particularly the old logo with the Symbol of Christ and the inscription “The Truth Shall Make You Free“. By the side of thetheatre are small eateries, salad resturant and most importantly the icecream shop-Portofinoice and in front of the shop you have the City Train stop-tramstrain that takes you to the Bahnhof, the central Train and bus Station, here you have the Konzerthause and Novotel opposite the Bahnhof,  at the Bahnhof there is a Skyscraper towering the Bahnhof. This Building houses the popular Disco, Kegan. But if you decide to concentrate your walk around Berthodsbrünnen, there are equally many attractions such as Galerie Kaufhof, Breuninger- (Shopping Plaza for the rich) Douglas, Hand M, Müller Parfümerie, and many others. it was one of such busy afternoon I decided to take my walk round the City centre. Just so you know, the left and right direction depends on your compass Position, if you are facing or Walking North, South, East or West. So, do not get confused. Any way this is not meant to be a   Frieiburg map- just for your reading pLeasure PLEASE!
  • With my sun glasses to protect my eyes from direct sunrays and from  stare from People. Although I have been told often that with sunglasses on I look like an Italian or Mexican Mafia Lady, I do not seem to border about how it Looks on me or how I look in it. sonnyit was during one of these walks that I saw it, inequality in Display Continue reading